21st Century Living As Predicted By Walter Cronkite In 1967. So How Did It Really Turn Out For Us? [Video]

It’s always fascinating to see footage that predicts how life on the planet will be in the future. Especially when the film was made over 45 years ago!

Trying to look into the future has fuelled literature and the film industry for decades. From George Orwell’s 1984 – actually written in 1948, he just reversed the last two digits of the year for the book’s title – to Star Wars and Star Trek.

Here we have a classic TV programme from The US, again trying to predict how things would change in decades to come.

The CBS show The 21st Century – broadcast on March 12th 1967, with legendary newsman Walter Cronkite – tried to predict exactly what we’d be doing at home and work in the future.

So how did it really turn out for us? Watch the video and find out….

[More Information: Forum For The Future ]

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