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Finding meaning through inspiration.

To find and share the essential elements that shape this incredible planet. Searching for beauty and inspiration in all it’s many forms. To challenge our thinking and influences and finding joy in the simplest of things .

Entertain, educate and inspire with the hope that it also helps people to really figure out what’s important to them in their lives.

At Wow Planet Earth, we thrive on uncovering the stories, images and inspirations that emerge from every corner of our planet. Be it the discovery of a previously unknown species in the Amazon, an awe-inspiring landscape photograph, people pushing themselves to their physical limits or a jazz-band playing at a festival.

Life on this planet can at times seem haphazard, even crazy at times. We get caught up in so much detail that we forget at times what’s really important. Information is everywhere, but sometimes what we need is not more information, but more meaning. Trying to make more sense of our lives.

We hope, that by focussing on and sharing the things that inspire us, the things that make us go wow, that it will also help remind us all of what’s really important and of value in our lives.

Wow Planet Earth is the brainchild of our editor, Neil Hendry

Neil was born in Suffolk, England, but has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and South America. Based for several years in Hong Kong, his career has encompassed many challenges, ranging from being a director for a Fortune 500 Company to a helper on a strawberry farm.

At 14, he carried out a street collection for Greenpeace and was asked by one old chap why he was bothering. ‘The world has been here for millions of years,’ he said. Well perhaps it has, but do any of us really value it as much as we should?

In creating Wow Planet Earth, Neil hopes it will act as a daily reminder for just how special life on this planet can be.

The team at Wow Planet Earth comprises of a small number of passionate individuals, some with backgrounds in the arts and sciences, but all with full-time experience in living.