And The Walls Came Tumbling Down – 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

9th November, 1989 – 9th November, 2014

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Many people never believed they would ever see Berlin reunited again. Sadly, some didn’t live to see that day.

As a teenager I was fortunate enough to visit Berlin with a German family. Driving through Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin was both an intimidating and an unforgettable experience – almost like travelling back in time. Buildings still ‘pock-marked’ from the gunfire of battles during the second world war. Fragile looking Trabant cars on the street, constructed mainly from fibreglass – or so it seemed. The picture of the wall mural (see below), depicts a Trabant breaking through the wall into what was West Berlin.

It was a city divided in more ways than one.

[More information: Trabant ; Berlin Wall ]

The wall is also symbolic. There are many walls, both physical and metaphorical, that people all around the world fight daily to bring down. Perhaps today is a good day to not only remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, but for all those who fight for their freedom and happiness:

Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary

Image: iwishmynamewasmartha

Trabant Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary

Image: Libertinus

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