Artificial Reefs: You’ll Be Amazed What We Are Dumping In Our Oceans – All In The Name Of Conservation

In a recent article we discussed the work of Jason de Caires Taylor, who creates underwater sculptures that also act as structures upon which corals can attach and grow.

See: Underwater Sculpture

But artificial reefs are also created by governments and organisations around the world using hardware that is surplus to requirements or passed it’s ‘sell-buy’ date.

[More Information: Artificial Reef; NOAA ]

Take a look at the photographs below of some of the projects from around the world. You’ll be amazed what we are dumping in our oceans in the name of conservation!


Artificial Reefs 15

U.S. military missile-tracking Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg passes the historic Custom House in Key West 

Artificial Reefs 14

Before being sunk…

Artificial Reefs 18

The reef begin…

Artificial Reefs 17

The Oriskany, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, was towed 24 miles off the coast of Pensacola, Florida 

Artificial Reefs 16

Sinking slowly to the bottom….

Artificial Reefs 9

HMNZS Wellington, a frigate of the Royal New Zealand Navy, was scuttled off the south coast of Wellington, New Zealand.


Ex-Royal Navy frigate, The Scylla, is sunk amidst explosions off Whitsands Bay, Cornwall, England.


Artificial Reefs 13

25 retired tanks from the Thai military are loaded on a ship at Bangkok port, Thailand,  before being dumped into the Gulf of Thailand to serve as artificial reefs

Artificial Reefs 12

Heading to their final resting place in the Gulf of ThailandArtificial Reefs 6

Tank of the Jordanian government sunk into the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea 


Artificial Reefs 5

40 retired New York City subway cars were sunk in an area known as the “Bass Grounds” to form a reef for marine habitat.

Artificial Reefs 4

Artificial Reefs 3

Artificial Reefs 11

A worker steam-cleans the interior of a decommissioned New York City “Redbird” subway car before heading out to Cape May, New Jersey.

Artificial Reefs 10


Artificial Reefs 1

Former Bulgarian dictator Todor Zhivkov’s plane sunk in the Black Sea near Varna

Artificial Reefs 2

US Navy’s A-6 Intruder aircraft head out for a burial at sea, near St. Augustine, Florida

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