Carnivorous Plants: The Carnivorous Garden Is The Ultimate Horror Movie For Insects. Superb Time-lapse Footage Captures The Hidden Dark Side Of Plants [Video]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the garden.

Carnivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients (but not energy) from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods.

They have adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen, such as acidic bogs and rock outcroppings. Charles Darwin wrote Insectivorous Plants, the first well-known treatise on carnivorous plants, in 1875.

They employ a number of techniques to catch their prey, including:

– Pitfall traps
– Flypaper traps
– Snap traps
– Bladder traps
– Lobster-pot traps
– Combination traps


The Biolapse film of carnivorous plants.

Chris Field’s film, Carnivora Gardinum or ‘Carnivorous Garden’, is nothing short of a work of genius.

He describes the process:

“Over a year of effort, with 107 days of straight shooting with 2 cameras. I started out building timelapse equipment so I could go do timelapse. Then people started giving me money to build them systems. Eventually it turned into a business, The Chronos Project LLC. Finally I have had time to start working on my own timelapse work. I have decided to pull myself out of the world and into the studio for some areas of timelapse photography that are greatly under explored.

He has a website ( which is pretty in depth with regards to his processes.


Biolapse Control Module environmental control system
Chronos HD Rail
Chronos Lite Rail
Lens Apparatus
eMotimo TB3 black
Fuji XE-1
Fuji XM-1
Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 macro
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
Nikkor 28-70mm 3.5-5.6

[More Information: The Chronos Project | | Carnivorous Plants]

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