Charlie Chicken, Canine Artist – An Affectionate Look At Dogs, Life And Art In New York City [Video]

Artists look at life and the world a little differently.

Charlie Chicken is a world-renowned canine artist. Originally from Puerto Rico, he works out of Brooklyn, New York, where his art has been featured in MOMA, the Louvre, and the Getty. This is his story.

He describes some of his approach:

“The film was fun to make – it was an idea Lily and I had floating in our heads for a while. So many short doc portraits of artists that take themselves very seriously. Not this one. No way. Wait, maybe a little.”

All natural light. All handheld. 100% original.

Charlie The Dog: Adopted From AARF
Camera Operators: Adam Welz, Ed David, John Larson
Concept by: Lily Henderson + Ed David
Executive Producer: Lars Von Trier

More Information: Omega Broadcast | Ed David ]

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