Electronics Afterlife: One Man’s Cross-Atlantic Journey Reveals The Truth About Electronics Recycling [Video]

Many of us are seduced by the advertising industry promoting the latest gadgets, smart-phones, tablets and computers. Peer pressure frequently keeps people updating to the latest gizmo – even if their existing gear is perfectly functional.

The quick pace of development of technology means that there is almost a never-ending stream of the newest, slimmest, fastest etc. etc. coming off the production line. But what happens to all our gear once it is superseded by technological progress?

This film is described as:

“One man’s cross-Atlantic journey reveals the truth about electronics recycling.”

It really poses the question as to what our response should be to all this? Or do we just sweep it ‘under the carpet’….or better still, to another country?

A very thought-provoking film.

More Information:

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Directed by: Alex Gorosh
Produced by: Stephen Schneider
Written by: Alex Gorosh + Stephen Schneider
Original Score by: Vibe Mountain – tinyurl.com/mke799p
Additional Music by: Gramatik – gramatik.net
Audio Mix: William McGuigan
Special Thanks: Kwame Owusu, Isaac ‘Kochoko’ Mensah, Ben Williams, Marisa Rico, Max Joseph, Kevin McElvaney, Pretty Lights Music

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