Giant Siberian Sinkhole: Huge Hole Mysteriously Appears In The Yamal Peninsular

An amazing giant hole has emerged in Siberia, which earth scientists are currently trying to explain.

The Guardian newspaper reports that:

“The 35-metre deep sinkhole was discovered in July after an unexplained eruption that flung soil and rock 120 metres from the site. It was initially thought it might be related to fossil fuel exploration, as it is 25 miles from the largest gas field in the region, but after a radar scan of the ground the team said it was most likely to be due to natural causes that would require further research.

The sinkhole was discovered and filmed from a helicopter this summer by oil and gas technicians on the Yamal peninsula, which in the language of its indigenous inhabitants who live north of the Arctic circle means end of the world. Two more unexplained sinkholes have since emerged in the far north of Russia.”

The picture below show the scale of the sinkhole and the first people to enter into it:

[More Information: The Guardian | Siberia ]


Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 5 1

Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 1 2

Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 2 1


Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 4 1


Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 6

Siberian Sinkhole Yamal Peninsula 3 1

Images: Vladimir Pushkarev/Siberian Times

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