Travel, Snow-boarding And Life In The Mountains From An Athlete’s Perspective [Video]

Beautifully shot film, from the perspective of three snow-boarding athletes.

In the film-makers words:

“Traveling is about experiencing the new, but also about leaving your imprint on new places. In this new edit, you’ll experience three different spots from the perspectives of Elias Elhardt, Jason Robison and Victor Daviet; sometimes as visitors, sometimes as hosts and always as true sons of the mountains.”

Locations: Mt. Baker, Innsbruck and the Dolomites

MY Travel Snowboading Dakine


Directed by Julien Mazard
Aerial Camera: Christoph Thoresen

Music in order of appearance:
Midnight / Infinite
Scientific / Somniac
Shiloh / Morning
Araatan / Nymph

[More Information: Dakine ]

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